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Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ENTI)

Hospitality Management

Cluster Contact

William Kidd
College of Health and Human Development, School of Hospitality Management

About the Hospitality Management Cluster

Total number of credits in this cluster: 9

The Hospitality Management (HM) cluster prepares students to create and develop novel but sound entrepreneurial concepts related to the hospitality industry (full service and select service hotels, resorts, bed and breakfasts, upscale restaurants, casual dining restaurants, and quick service restaurants). The minor is also designed to prepare students to be innovators within existing organizations.

Students who complete this cluster develop skills in creating business plans, feasibility studies, competitive analysis, supply and demand analysis, market analysis and financial forecasting. Students in this concentration are expected to include a mix of majors, not only students majoring in hospitality management. Specifically, students will be able to:

  • Complete economic feasibility studies for a new concept in the hospitality industry
    Make creative decisions based on sound market analysis
  • Use quantitative data and information to conduct business analyses
  • Understand and describe implications of developing and owning a business enterprise in the hospitality industry
  • Communicate business concepts in oral and written form

Preferred Sequence of Courses for the Cluster

To meet the prerequisite requirement for MGMT/IST/ENGR 425, you must take:

  • (ECON 102 or ECON 104 or ECON 14 or MGMT 215) and (CAS 100 or CAS 137T or EMSC 100S)

Hospitality Management Course Options

From the list of six courses in the HM cluster, there is no preferred sequence of courses. Students who are not majoring in Hospitality Management or do not have the prerequisites listed with the courses below should contact the faculty member teaching the course. For students who are not majoring in Hospitality Management, a suggested sequence of courses is: (1) HRIM 482 - Hospitality Real Estate, (2) HRIM 484 - Hospitality Entrepreneurship, and then (3) depending on the student's area of interest one of the following courses: HRIM 413 - New Product Development for Commercial Foodservice, HRIM 432 - Special Topics in Restaurant Management, HRIM 483 - Revenue Management, or HRIM 496 - Independent Study in Hospitality Management.

One of the two courses marked with * must be selected.