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Intercollege Minor in Entreneurship and Innovation (ENTI) Penn State Home Page Intercollege Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Home Page

Entrepreneurship and Innovation, creating leaders and change agents

About the ENTI Minor

This interdisciplinary minor uses problem-based learning to prepare students in any major to create value (including new products) and be agents of positive change. The world needs new innovative products, services and solutions in all disciplines: arts, business, engineering, science, agriculture, healthcare, communication, education.

The ENTI courses develop skills in problem solving, opportunity recognition, self-efficacy (your belief in your ability to succeed), leadership, communications and learning from failure. Your major at Penn State ensures you have specific skills and knowledge. The ENTI Minor broadens your education and Penn State experiences, so you see challenges as opportunities, and you can thrive in a job, class or activity that includes unknowns, deadlines and ambiguities.

Innovative and entrepreneurial people working in established organizations are called intrapreneurs, and are valuable in every type of organization. Innovative and entrepreneurial people also free lance, assembling their career around their unique skills. The ENTI Minor can prepare you to be an intrapreneur, free-lancer or an entrepreneur.

To meet students' wide range of entrepreneurship and innovation interests, the ENTI Minor is structured in two parts:

  1. All students take the three core courses (9 credits) to establish foundational knowledge:
        MGMT 215 - Entrepreneurial Mindset (Sem: 1-5)
        ENGR 310 - Entrepreneurial Leadership (Sem: 2-6)
        MGMT/ENGR/IST 425 - New Venture Creation (Sem: 4-8)
  2. Students select a concentration area (called a cluster) that is aligned to specific interests and contexts. The seven clusters available are Food and Bio-innovation, New Media, New Ventures, Social Entrepreneurship, Technology Based Entrepreneurship, Digital Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and Hospitality Management.

Want more information? We want to hear from you!

Liz Kisenwether, Director, ENTI Minor
101 IST-East Building or 213 Hammond Building

Brad Leve, Assistant Director, ENTI Minor
451B Business Building

News and Announcements

Students' dairy creation Mooofins wins national competition
At the recent American Dairy Science Association meeting in Indianapolis, Mooofins were named the best of the best in the Dairy Research Institute's New Product Competition. The challenge for the student developers was that the foods had to be high-protein, dairy-based products for the morning meal containing at least 51 percent dairy ingredients. Penn State's team of seven food science majors won first place and walked away with $8,000.

Penn State's SparkPlug program provides funds to prepare for on-line crowdfunding
Entrepreneurial student teams from across Penn State have been getting up to $500 to help prepare for a crowdfunding campaign on websites like KickStarter and Indiegogo. Funds are still available.

MIT Student and PSU Grad Develops $3 Wound Healing Device, Field Tested in Haiti
No one really knows why, but for an open wound, applying suction dramatically speeds healing times. For almost everyone, that treatment is out of reach--simply because the systems are expensive. No more. Danielle Zurovcik, a doctoral student at MIT and PSU Mechanical Engineering graduate, has created a hand-powered suction-healing system that costs about $3.